Mike Flanagan




Coach Flanagan has been with CWC for over 20 years. He wrestled throughout high school and college. He wrestled as a Missouri Tiger for some time.

Coach Flanagan brings a passion for wrestling to the team as well as a love of kids. He ensures that they learn techniques while they are having fun.

Mike's Philosophy of Wrestling

More times than not, wrestling matches are won with the basics:

  • A good solid stance in the neutral position
  • Using your lines of defense - head, hands, elbows, and hips
  • Good hip position while on top
  • Being able to score consistently from the bottom position

At any level, these are the basics fundamentals that will enable kids to consistently win matches. Knowing more moves does not always mean better. Knowing a few moves really, really well does, however, mean better. It is not possible to spend too much time mastering the basics. When kids try to learn a lot of moves before they know the basics, it usually results in a lot of frustration and not much success.

Most successful wrestlers know a lot of takedowns and reversals, yet in the majority of their matches they routinely score points with the same few moves. The best wrestlers have mastered the basics and perfected a handful of moves they do well enough that they can score on almost anybody.

The goal of The Columbia Wrestling Club is to teach kids at all different levels the basic fundamentals listed above. We concentrate throughout the year on drills designed to improve balance and help kids learn how to defend themselves. In wrestling, as in most sports, the best offense is a good defense. Kids that learn how to use their lines of defense and keep their body and hips in good position can then develop a successful offense. However, if a kid does not use his lines of defense well it will be very difficult to defend and almost impossible to have a successful offense.